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New Builds

Powerup Electric is your trusted choice for new construction projects when it comes to electrical wiring and installations in Manitoba. Our skilled electricians provide outstanding service throughout the province.


Service Maintenance

At Power up Electric we are committed to providing superior service work and troubleshooting services. Our qualified and experienced technicians will save you time and money with efficient repairs and preventative maintenance services.

Emergency 24hr Service

We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From small residential to large commercial emergencies our customers can rest assured that Power Up Electric is always available at any time of day.

Lighting Repair & Retro-Fits

From interior to exterior lighting we are a one stop shop for lighting repairs and LED replacement. We provide lighting audit services which show our customers how much they can save by switching to energy efficient lighting. We also assist in the hydro incentive rebate process from start to finish.

Aerial Lift Services

Our fully stocked aerial trucks are available 24/7 for hard to reach installations and exterior lighting repairs/replacement. From large retailers, commercial buildings and parking lots to the Winnipeg Airport our years of experience make us the right choice. Our fully stocked aerial truck arrives on site with all the common parts required to make repairs, saving you time and money.

Underground Cable Locates

We have cutting edge equipment for underground cable locating services.